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About Us

At WAW Group, we put a strong emphasis on simplicity, quality and usefulness of fashion products over other factors. Our fashion items never get outdated. They are not short-lived as normal fashion clothes.

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What is WAW?

The Weird and Wonderful Group

We are Weird and Wonderful; which we are sure you are too. In fact, that's why we're here. To celebrate all the weirdness and the wonderfulness which comes with sitting on this little rock drifting through an infinite space.


After their seriously WAW wedding in the Cornish woodland, looking out over the sea through an abandoned mine shaft they'd made their cathedral for the ceremony, writer/director Sam and costume designer Gigi Siegel saw a vision for a lifestyle that celebrated the beautiful oddities, and the glorious differences that make up the world. WAW Group was formed. With little to no experience, but endless passion and enthusiasm, the couple have cemented the WAW Group as another place you can buy things from which has nice stuff - but at least it's run ethically with young, environmentally conscious minds. The WAW vision extends far further than what you can see here already. Big things are in the works, so follow us on our rollercoaster of excitement as we journey on to try and make our world a friendlier place.


We don't want to take advantage of the planet, or people. This is why all of our t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts are made from the finest, 100% organic, sustainable and ethically sourced materials. Also, all of our DTG prints are done with Vegan ink.



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